Girls AAU Nationals

Updated: November 19, 2015

One of the best tournaments of the summer is always the AAU National Championships.    Opening Ceremonies, Players from all parts of the country and GREAT competition.

All Teams Entered in this event will qualify for one level of the AAU National Championships.  The more teams in the qualifing tournament, the more bids for Division I and Division II we get!


Join the 2017 PNAAU District Championships and qualify your team for one of the levels of the AAU National Championships.  You will make memories for a lifetime.




AAU_Districts GIRLS1

Girls PNAAU District Championships

~ March 11th & 12th

~ Qualify For Division 1 – 2 or 3 Nationals

~ Seattle Area Gyms

4 Games

$250 – Entry Deadline 3/1

2nd/8U 3rd/9U 4th/10U 5th/11U 6th/12U 7th/13U 8th/14U  9th/15U Divisions

Results From 2016 AAU Nationa Tournaments



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